The Catholic University of America

  Transferring Credits into the School of Nursing

Transfer of Undergraduate Course Credit

All Nursing courses, in both the traditional and the second degree programs, must be taken in the School of Nursing; with the exception that the School will evaluate the transfer of courses in Growth and Development and Nutrition (on-line courses will be considered). Growth and Development transfers are evaluated by the Coordinator for Transfer Evaluation in Arts and Sciences. Nutrition courses are evaluated by the Undergraduate Office in the School of Nursing.  Transfer courses MUST be evaluated for comparability to CUA courses PRIOR to a student registering for such a course.

The School of Nursing follows the University Transfer Policy. All courses transferred into CUA for transferable credit must adhere to the policy that is articulated below.  The SON allows undergraduates who wish to take a course at another college or university to apply those courses in Growth and Development or Nutrition towards their CUA degree provided the following conditions are met:

  • The course is completed at a regionally accredited institution
  • The course is substantially similar to a CUA course
  • The course is completed with a grade of C- (C minus) or better
  • The course does not duplicate, overlap or repeat previous work
  • The college or university offering the course allows the course to be used for credit toward its own undergraduate degrees

National standards for online education are used to determine if an on-line course is comparable to a CUA course. Individual Schools have established limits on the numbers of on-line courses which are transferrable. General undergraduate degree requirement policies are available on-line

The maximum number of courses that are allowed for transfer in a summer session is limited to two (2) per year - only one of which may be a science course taken for remediation purposes.  Specially, only one science course can be remediated over the summer. Students cannot take courses off campus while enrolled in classes at The Catholic University of America. A maximum of eight (8) courses can be transferred into the School of Nursing after enrollment.

Nursing students who are repeating science courses to increase and maintain the minimum standard Science GPA are governed by the following rules regarding cumulative GPA calculation: 

  • When repeating a required course where the grade was F, if the course is offered at CUA and it is retaken at CUA, the higher grade obtained in the course will be calculated into the cumulative GPA. When repeating a required science course at CUA, where the original grade was a C-, the cumulative GPA will not be adjusted to include the new grade in calculations.
  • When repeating a required science course at another University (during a time period when it is not available at CUA, i.e., summer session), the following will apply. The appropriate department evaluation and approval must occur thru the Transfer Coordinator in Arts and Sciences’ and the School of Nursing must also authorize retaking the course prior to the student’s enrollment in that course. Once the course is completed, the grade obtained in the course will be used to evaluate whether the minimum standard science GPA required in the curriculum has been achieved. Grade calculations for courses taken off site that are traditionally offered at CUA (but limited due to time constraints) will not be used in the calculation of the cumulative GPA on CUA official transcripts.

Transfer of Graduate Credit

In accordance with the transfer policy of the university, transfer of graduate work earned at another university will be considered only after the student has completed one full-time semester (or its equivalent) of graduate work at The Catholic University of America. Current students in the master's degree program may apply for transfer of up to 6 credits of comparable coursework taken at another accredited institution prior to matriculation at The Catholic University of America. Such courses with a grade of B or better will be reviewed by the Assistant Dean for currency and equivalency. Transfer of credit applications are recommended by the Assistant Dean and approved by the Dean.