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  Frequently Asked Questions about the Donley Center

When is the Donley Center open?

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, closed on weekends.  Changes to the schedule are posted on the door of the computer lab, Gowan 104.

When is the lab reserved for classes?

A list is posted on the door of the Donley Center.

I'm not a School of Nursing student. May I use the lab?

Sorry, the Donley Center is for Nursing Students only.

Why do I need to log on to the computers?

The CUA computing policy enforces this rule for security of our network. Due to the way Windows 7 is set up, you need to log on even if you aren't going to use any Internet applications.

What is M: Drive and why should I use it?

The M: drive is a storage place on the CUA network that only you have access to it. You can store files and documents on it and access them from any where in the world via the internet. This eliminates the need to use a floppy disk to save your homework since floppy disks only hold 1.44 Mega Bytes.

How do I access my M: Drive from CUA and the Internet?

From any campus computer, you can access M drive from an icon on the user area PC's desktop. The network logon procedure includes automatic connection to M drive.

From the internet, you will need to access the internet first then go to the website: and log in with your NT username and password. Once you see your name on the top right side of the screen you can click on 'My Files' and you will see your M: drive. Right click on your document and choose 'Save Target As' and download it to your hard disk at home We recommend using Internet Explorer. You can also upload a file from your home computer using Upload Files section.

I've never used Windows at CUA before. How do I get in to the system?

If you are a new student, a Windows account should have been automatically created for you. Your username is normally the last two digits of your student ID number plus your last name (e.g., John Smith, whose SSN is 1265400, would have the username 00smith). For the password, use the first letter of the first name in lowercase, student ID number and the first letter of the last name in uppercase. In the example, John Smith's password is j1265400S.

I forgot my password. Can you look it up for me?

No. Your passwords are encrypted so no one can find out what they are. If you can't remember your password, you'll need to get a new one. Fill out a "Request for CUA Computer Resources" form, check "Request to Change my Forgotten Password" on the back, and send the form to the Computer Center in Leahy 200. Forms are available in the Computer Center and in the Donley Center.

I saved a file on the hard disk and now I can't find it.

Anything you save on the hard disk can be read, altered, or erased by anyone else using that computer. If you want to keep a file, you should save it to your M: Drive. When you log on to Windows, click on Start, Find, and a search tools opens up; now you can search for your file if you know its name. If it's a valuable file, make two copies, one on the M: drive and another on floppy.

The computer says that I have a virus. What do I do?

Computer viruses are small programs that attach themselves to other programs or to parts of disks. They are spread by sharing floppy disks or files. Viruses can alter files, erase files, reformat disks, and generally wreak havoc on your computer and disks. The computers in the Donley Center automatically scan floppy disks when you try to read information from them. If you get a message saying that your disk has a virus, type "C" to clean the file. If this doesn't work, see the lab staff. If one of your floppy disks is infected, chances are very good that the rest of your floppy disks are infected as well. You should scan all of them before you use them. Although the lab staff make every effort to ensure that the computers in the School of Nursing are operating properly and are free from viruses, the School of Nursing can assume no responsibility for damaged or lost material due to viruses or other problems arising from the use of the computers.

I think I just wiped out the hard disk of the computer I was working on; what should I do?

Don't panic. Tell the lab staff, who can re-install the software.

If you have any other questions please ask the lab staff for help. Don't hesitate to ask a question. We will be happy to answer any technical questions regarding hard ware or software.