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  SimMan Moulage Available

SURGICAL WOUNDS Abdominal incision with staples and Penrose drain Nursing Annie
  Abdominal incision with nylon sutures and Penrose drain  Nursing Annie
  Normal abdomen (no incision)/ Abdominal injection Nursing Annie
  Abdomen with electrical connection (? Function) Nursing Annie
  Abdominal incision for packing (large dehisced surgical wound) Nursing Annie
  Nursing Annie
  Abdominal incision w/ painted sutures Nursing Annie
  Abdomen with stoma Nursing Annie
  Chest overlay with midline incision, staple line, Jackson Pratt drain. Nursing Annie
  Thigh packing an d irrigation piece (large dehisced surgical wound) Sim Man
  Thigh incision with nylon sutures (approximated surgical wound) Sim Man
  Thigh debridement (large surgical open wound with eschar, slough) Sim Man
  Sim Man
TRAUMA Facial overlay with contusions, lacerations, impaled object Any manikin
  Chest overlay/Seatbelt contusion w/ compound clavicle fracture Any manikin
  Abdominal overlay w/wound with exposed viscera Any manikin
  Right arm overlay w/ 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns Any manikin
  Thigh insert with impaled object protruding from wound Sim man- anterior thigh
  Thigh insert with compound fracture of femur Sim man- anterior thigh
  Right foot with deep lacerations and avulsed 5th toe Sim Man
  Projectile entry/exit wounds (black wound beds) Sim Man- upper right arm
PRESSURE ULCERS Contralateral decubitus ulcer Sim man- Lateral thigh
  Decubitus ulcers (2)
  Decubitus ulcer (gluteal) Sim Man -gluteal