The Catholic University of America

  Ph.D. Program - Aim, Goal and Objectives


The purpose of the Doctor of Philosophy degree is to prepare expert clinicians as nurse scientists. Through the investigation of clinical problems, graduates contribute to the development, validation and refinement of theory and the advancement of the body of nursing knowledge.


Graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions in practice, education and research with the ultimate goal of improving health care.

Terminal Objectives

Graduates will:

  1. Advance nursing knowledge through the integration, application and testing of theory;
  2. Conduct research and develop evidence-based practice that supports the ongoing development of nursing science;
  3. Assess the impact of social, political and ethical issues on health care and the discipline of nursing;
  4. Collaborate with members of other disciplines in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs and policies for the improvement of health care; and
  5. Assume leadership roles in nursing and health care.