The Catholic University of America

  Clinical Manual for Preceptors, Faculty and Students


The School of Nursing (SON) at The Catholic University of America recognizes that clinical experiences are the single most important facet of our Advance Practice Nursing Programs. Quality educational experiences for our graduate students would not be possible without preceptors/mentors in the clinical arena. Preceptors/mentors play an important role in the preparation, education, and socialization of advanced practice nurses.  It is our goal to work with our preceptors/mentors to foster rich educational experiences for our students. The purpose of this manual is to provide you with general information necessary to build an optimal learning experience for the student.

M.S.N. Program Aims, Goals and Objectives

Program Plans

Nurse Practitioner Programs

Student Guidelines

Preparation for Clinical Practicum

Academic & Professional Performance Policies in Clinical Settings


Role of preceptor/mentor

Role of faculty

Role of Students

Preclinical Checklist and Important Dates


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