The Catholic University of America

  Aims, Goal and Terminal Objectives


The aim of the Master of Science in Nursing Program is to prepare students as advanced practice registered nurses in the role of nurse practitioner. The purposes of the program are: to prepare individuals capable of moral and intellectual leadership to provide advanced practice nursing to individuals and populations across the lifespan, and to develop and extend advanced practice nursing knowledge and skill through the utilization of evidenced-based practice models. The curriculum at the master's level is also directed toward developing interest and skill in research, commitment to continual personal and professional growth and to providing leadership in the development of advanced practice nursing.


The Master of Science in Nursing builds upon baccalaureate education in nursing and prepares students for leadership roles in fields of advanced practice nursing as nurse practitioners. 

Terminal Objectives

Upon completion of the M.S.N. program, the graduate will have:

  1. Acquired advanced knowledge from the sciences and the humanities to support evidence-based advanced practice nursing;
  2. Integrated nursing theory as the foundation for advanced practice nursing;
  3. Demonstrated expertise in a selected role within a specialized area of advanced practice nursing;
  4. Acquired advanced knowledge and skills to use and disseminate the findings of nursing research,
  5. Acquired advanced knowledge and skills to effect optimum delivery of health care services;
  6. Demonstrated ethical behavior and respect for Judeo-Christian values and;
  7. Acquired a foundation for doctoral study.