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  Doctor of Nursing Practice

Graduates are prepared to assume leadership positions in nursing/health care, with the ultimate goal of improving health care and the health status of people.  The program is a practice-focused doctoral program designed to prepare experts in specialized advanced nursing practice.  The focus is heavily on clinical practice, one that is “innovative and evidenced-based, reflecting the application of credible research findings”

A total of  34-37 credits (which may include up to 6 transfer credits for prior coursework in the area) are required for the Post-master’s D.N.P. degree.  A Post-baccalaureate D.N.P. entails 71-89 credits, depending on the clinical specialty chosen.  

Admissions Criteria

Clinical Procedures

Online Programs

Doctor of Nursing Practice Online 

Curriculum Requirements

The post-master's D.N.P. program consists of 34 credits. Coursework for the D.N.P. includes:

D.N.P. Courses: Credits
NURS 916 Seminal in Nursing Scholarship  
664 Epidemiology  
674 Population-based Health Care Management  
729 Emerging Issues in Health  
686 Health Care Finance  
732 Applied Epidemiology  
730 Evidence-Based Practice I 3
NURS 731 Evidence-Based Practice II 3
NURS 737 Advanced Practice-based Residency  
739 D.N.P. Project Guidance  
734 Leadership in Complex Health Care  
Advanced Clinical Cognate Courses  
credits required: 34*


Evidence-Based Practice Project

After admission to candidacy, oral defense of the proposed EBP project may proceed. The EBP project is an integral requirement of the D.N.P. degree. The project is a scholarly experience that provides evidence of the student's critical thinking and ability to apply research principles through problem identification, proposal development, implementation, and evaluation of a clinical problem. The project will reflect the culmination of knowledge and skills developed during the D.N.P. program. Following successful defense and implementation and evaluation of the project, the candidate presents the EBP Project in a forum that is open to the University community.