The Catholic University of America

 Jean Toth PhD, R.N., 

Dr. Toth has taught at all academic levels in the School of Nursing.She is known nationally and internationally, for her research--that shows basic knowledge for safe practice in Intensive Care Units (ICU)--is beyond that required for the RN, has resulted in the development of seven Basic Knowledge Assessment Test (BKATs).In use since 1980 the BKAT different focus: Adult Intensive care, Progressive/Telemetry care, the Adult and Pediatric Emergency units, Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU, and one non-critical care test, the Medical Surgical BKAT.

Dr. Toth is a co-founder of the Campus Wellness Committee, her participation as Chairman from 2006 to 2014 resulted in annual events—such as Health Fairs-- on and off Campus in which many Catholic University students participated.  Dr. Toth is a graduate from the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.  Her interests and research publications include test development, cardiovascular nursing, overseas missions, counseling, health promotion, and the image of nursing.  Dr. Toth’s International nursing initiative of the founding of The Word Alive School of Nursing (WASON) in Ghana, West Africa began in 1996 .   In addition, Dr Toth is a Co-founder of the Biblical Counseling Institute of Washington, DC, which provides classes leading to Certification, and Biblical Counseling to adults and children.

Dr. Toth's Curricula Vitae